We can supply accessories for all makes and models of 4x4's, as well as hard tops for all makes and models of double cabs. Please be aware all prices exclude fitting. Please call for prices and details.

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  • Minor Service

    Minor service includes oil and filter replaced to the correct specification set by the manufacturer. Also all levels checked and adjusted as required and full report of any other faults found.

    1 hour • from £99
  • Brake Pads Replaced

    Remove old brake pads, clean all mating faces, check for correct operation, lubricate all moving faces and replace pads.

    1 hour • from £75
  • Brake Fluid Flush

    After a length of time your brake fluid becomes contaminated with water which corrodes the internals of your braking system but also gives you a spongy non responsive pedal.

    1 hour • £45
  • Diagnostic Scan

    Vehicle scanned with latest diagnostic equipment via OBD diagnostic plug located in the vehicle. Full list of all diagnostic fault codes found and deleted to diagnose the current faults shown.

    1 hour • £45.00
  • Major Service

    Major service includes oil/oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter replaced to the correct specification. All other levels checked and adjusted as required and full report of any faults.

    2 hours • from £150
  • Air Conditioning Re-gas

    De-gas system, check for any leaks and re-gas system to correct pressure and check working to optimum efficiency

    45 minutes • £45.00
  • Vehicle Remapping

    This is a way to get the very best from your vehicle, the engine is modified to preform at its best for the needs of the customer. Also modifications can be made to the ECU program to help emissions.

    1 hour • from £250

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