In order to create what we believe is the UK’s Best Used Car Warranty, we needed advice from the definitive force in all things warranty. There was only one person who knew the motor industry enough and had the knowledge we needed to truly understand what you, the customer, needed.

That person was Quentin Willson, as a consumer champion and expert in all fields automotive, he was the one person we could rely on to create a used car warranty that was 100% transparent and most importantly, worth the paper it is printed on.

What makes our warranty different:

  • We cover more parts of your car. We constantly check our claims statistics to make sure you are covered for the parts which regularly go wrong with each make and model – unlike other companies which remove such parts from their lists.
  • We replace parts in pairs – for example, when a Shock Absorber or Spring fails, we automatically pay for both sides to be replaced, which is the safest and best way! These parts are always supplied and fitted in pairs, but other warranties will only pay for one item.
  • Unique to Warrantywise, we also cover the Clutch Pressure Plate, Release Bearing and Drive Plate against sudden failure. These are very expensive parts which most other warranties leave out.
  • When fitted, Traction Control / ABS / Power Steering and Turbo Chargers are always covered as standard.
  • All warrantywise plans come with a ‘No Quibble 30 day Money Back Gauarantee’. You can cancel your plan at any time within the first 30 days and providing you have not requested that we meet any repair costs, we will cancel you plan and refund your payment without deduction
  • There is no forced CONTRIBUTION to pay on repairs.
  • We have no BETTERMENT clauses meaning we always pay 100% of valid repairs. Other warranty companies will not pay out if they decide a new engine or gearbox would be making your car ‘better’ than it was before!
  • We cover CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE as standard – so even if the part that fails isn’t covered by the warranty, for example: the camshaft drive belt, we would still cover any damage that occurred to other parts, such as your engine as a result of the failure.
  • All our plans include RECOVERY, CAR HIRE, HOTEL and TRAVEL expenses as standard and at the levels you would expect to cover your costs.
  • Our protection starts from Day 1. Other warranties have small print excuses (weasel words) and won’t pay out for the first 90 days – and after 60,000 miles they will only pay a percentage of any repair claim, leaving you to settle up from your own pocket.
  • We pay out weekly, every Wednesday in fact – no need to wait months for payment.
  • If you are ever disappointed you can contact Quentin Willson directly who will personally investigate your complaint. With other warranty companies you will have to wait up to 8 weeks and then the decision is made by an insurance underwriter.

Also, because we operate a service and maintenance plan, we are outside of the FSA remit, which means no FSA exams or inspections to worry about!

Some of the largest car dealerships in the country choose Warrantywise as their car warranty provider. Join them today and enjoy offering the UK’s Best Used Car Warranty to your customers.

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